Clue #1

Lewis and Clark first Came to Oregon and explored this native land long ago. They sought to lead Changes in minds and attitudes, while mapping the Pacific Northwest for everyone back East. Now GO, explore, and enjoy the majestic beauty of Oregon for yourself! It is your opportunity to venture out and find The VTH’s buried treasure plus more! The real Gain is in the search! The territory is Oregon where certain beavers frequent. One Can use many maps. Some formats are better than others… The way to the treasure can be pretty circuitous. One can go this way or that way. One also can get there from multiple directions. The direction past the moraine is one of the ways. When you get to the crossing head down and look left. Respect and learn of the indigenous people. Few of the multitude remain from long ago. The treasure may be hard to find for some and way easier for others. It is hidden high up in the woods among the evergreens where you hear the songs of life and nature longingly multiplies. So Go search! And, Gain the treasure! You will see plenty of rock and will hopefully not roll forward when seeing thrEE beyond or the inventOr below. Be careful! Remember V marks the spot, not x! Cherish this time in nature! Be daring! Don’t Wait for more clues! But, more clues (that you pick up at one of The Vth shops) will come every few weeks because winter nears… One cannot get to the treasure in winter… So if the treasure is not found this summer, we will save the “Treasure Pot” until next year and see it grow! If You Are Lucky (or skilled) to get this far, remember what marks the spot for the exactitude of the buried treasure!

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Clue 1