welcome to the vth’s $5,000 treasure hunt

All the clues to find the $5,000 treasure are right here in the first clue. But, every two (2) weeks, one can come The Vth in Bend or Hillsboro and pick up a new, additional clue. One does not need these additional clues to find the treasure.

Steps to Find the Treasure

Step One

Sign our waiver and get the first clue. The location of the $5,000 treasure is within the first clue. 

Step Two

An additional clue will be released every two weeks at The Vth. Purchase an item at the store to receive the clue or wait an extra week to receive the clue through our website.

Step Three

Think you know where the treasure is buried? Fill out our form with the correct latitude and longitude. You will be notified if you are correct. The hunt does not end here! Find the box for the treasure to be yours.  

The $5,000 Treasure is Waiting to be Found.

Sign our waiver. Get the first clue.